Indian Villages and Panchayats

VILLAGES and Panchayats in INDIA- a Complete Guide

There are hundreds and thousands of villages and village panchayats in India. They are the back bone of our country. gives a complete guide for almost every village and panchayat in Indian continent.

Villages in India

We have displayed a comprehensive information for every major village in India. As of date there are information for about 2,20,000 villages in our website. We will add more as and when we collect data.

State wise Tables links you to the relevant categories – which are Taluks. You can browse through every village in the Taluk to find the information like:

Basic details like Location, Pincode, Language spoken, Telephone STD code, Travel information – how to reach by train, bus and road, nearby railway stations, Nearby Districts, Taluks, Cities, Airports, Time Zone, Elevation from sea level, Interesting Tourist Places to visit …etc.

States wise Villages List



Panchayats in India

Indian villages are administered by Village Panchayats. Village panchayats are grouped under Zilla Panchayts and Intermediate Panchayts. Each panchayat has its own funds and council and make infrastructure for the village.

There are over 2,00,000 village panchyats in India. We have listed the Panchyats in an easily browsable format. You can just type the Panchayt name in the search bar above or browse through the State list and then taluk list of Panchayats.